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JUST SAY NO (to mini-quiche)

We've all been subjected to lackluster catered experiences — sad little deli trays, or faux-fancy affairs featuring tray after tray of crab puffs and mini-quiche. At The Manzana Tree, we like to spark as much joy with the food we serve as with the food experiences we deliver.

Curated Catering

Atlanta has an amazing food scene. It's our mission to celebrate it, by bringing the tastes of the city (from the little known to the most loved) to our events. We offer curated catering for most any size celebration. Or...let us put together a curated box for you to self-serve at your intimate gathering, or to give as a gift.

Abundance Tables

Why fuss with your food, dressing in fancy little nibbles, when you could pile an incredible heap of your most favorite tasty things onto a table and then devour it down to the crumbs? "Grazing Tables" are a for-real thing in places like Australia, where the citizens expect robust, outsized experiences. We love these tables for the the beauty of the food.

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