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Science Says: Play With Your Food

Research shows that kids who are exposed to lots of different foods grow up to be more adventurous eaters. That's why, at our kid's parties and after-school food playground experiences, food provides the fun. We add starches and syrups to soap bubbles and test which recipes soar highest. We pin the broccoli on the donkey. We cook, we taste, we play...and along the way, without even knowing it, your child becomes a food adventurer.


Parties + Celebrations

Reach out to ask how we can customize a celebration for your child. We're working to put together a variety of Kid's Party packages for every age, event and budget, from birthday blowouts to affordable do-it-yourself food experience boxes you can incorporate into your own events. 


Food Playgrounds

Our after school food playground programs are designed to teach children about food through fun, interactive play experiences involving touching, tasting, building, creating, and playing with foods of all colors, flavors, shapes and sizes. Email us if you would like to bring food playgrounds to your school.

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